This is MATCH director and photographer Sebastian Kortmann, with a genuine love for creative conceptual thinking and the courage to take risks.

His first step in visual arts was a school photography project at the age of 15; since then, his passion has developed into something bold and beautiful. After studying communication design & design theory and compiling different skills in visual arts, Sebastian developed his greatest strength as a director - a holistic approach. He created a reduced and cool style, always authentic and seeking that extra pinch of something special. Sebastian's head is full of ideas and knows few barriers. With his straightforward mindset, he knows how to communicate with target groups and get a message across to the audience using clear visual language.

Born on a rainy day in 1990, Sebastian has always been into aesthetics, sports, and music culture. He certainly wouldn't say no to a bag of chips or a drink with NFL player Travis Kelce, but he also wouldn't mind just driving around in his car and spending time alone. He may even travel as far as Patagonia to fulfill his wish to visit this spectacular country someday. 

Hey Sebastian…

Favorite Drink? Boulevardier
Current state of mind? Reflective and risk-taking
Favorite commercial? Volvo "Moments"
Dogs or Cats? My dog
Favorite Place? Well, I just love the couch 
Cravings? Haribo Sour Gold Bears - Sour!
Last watched series? NETFLIX - Friends (for the 5th time)
A weird fact about yourself? Every dish I cook is made gourmet. Is that weird already or just love?