You can call MATCH an agency that represents creatives in the film industry.
You can call it a collective of people who all share a similar vision.
Call it what you want – we call it a “talent management agency” if you insist on labeling it.

MATCH is not only about connecting directors and cinematographers with productions and agencies.
It is about finding the perfect match between people and projects.
It’s about honest and straightforward communication.
We firmly uphold a distinct stance, choosing not to boast about big deals, as we believe the talents and their work speak for themselves, showcasing our capabilities.
This business we work in is a people business.
And MATCH represents a collective of like-minded creatives who are not just pure talent but trust and believe in each other and love to work and grow together.

Introducing MATCH founder & agent Kristina Schreitel, with insights from her directors, cinematographers, and colleague Jasna — all while Kristina attempts not to blush.

Kristina is all about providing emotional support and is a real boss! With her calm and friendly vibe, she is the person to go to for comfort and understanding. She smoothly handles life like a pro — a real smooth operator.

Born in Munich and having lived in the Bavarian Alps, Brazil, and South Africa, Kristina currently resides in Berlin. She began her career in the film industry within a commercial film production directing department before freelancing for production companies and renowned talent agencies. Kristina even went on to marry a DP. However, nothing made as significant an impact as being a mother. No school or company can teach you the resilience, empathy, calmness, diplomacy, and communication skills you learn as a mother of three. Kristina's journey has shaped her into a multifaceted individual, bringing a wealth of experience and a unique perspective to everything she does.

Kristina's caring nature is reminiscent of a mother's love, yet her youthful spirit makes her seem like the sister you've always wanted. She excels at finding real people with character who are a pleasure to work with and a perfect fit for your project. Her knack for identifying individuals with genuine qualities is unparalleled, making her an invaluable asset in any professional endeavor. By nature, Kristina is a nurturer, the heart and soul of any gathering. Whether it's a personal matter or a challenging project, she is there to lend a helping hand and a listening ear.

Kristina revealed an eccentric aversion — she despises touching the wooden stick in ice cream. In a quirky approach to managing this discomfort, she chooses to leave the wrapping around the stick while holding it. Consuming the ice cream strategically, she ensures that a protective "ice-cream-barrier" always remains between her and the wooden stick, showcasing a unique and amusing workaround. We just love her for that.

Hey Kristina…

Favorite Drink? Negroni  
Current state of mind? Overwhelmed yet enthusiastic
Favorite commercial? Sony Bravia - Bouncy Balls
Dogs or Cats? Cats 
Favorite Place? In summer my garden, in winter my bed
Cravings? Dumplings of all different kinds
Last watched series? NETFLIX - Somebody feed Phil
What would you do if you weren't afraid? I tried learning sailing, but the lack of control scared me off. If I weren't afraid of failing, I'd give it another shot.

Kristina introduces Match Communication Manager & Art Director, Jasna Lohr.

Jasna started her career as professional event planner, traveling the world and later moved on to study at Kunsthochschule Berlin. She has worked as a commercial film producer, art director and has co-founded her own business.  Jasna is an absolute art lover and has a creative, level-headed and open mind with a unique sense for beauty.

Her patience is unmatched and when she is onto something one can trust and rely on her in 100% of cases.
Nothing gets her worked up. If plans change last minute she never seems to be stressed but rather passionately takes on the new challenge and always builds the perfect solution.
Anything is possible has always been her mantra. The expression hands-on has been invented for her.

Jasna is from a family of artists and thus was born with an excellent taste and an eye for aesthetics.
She knows how to arrange things, set the scene, make the most out of the things given to her, always in sync with the current Zeitgeist. Her character and entire demeanour is best described as pure, straight and clear. Everything she does, she does with total and utter dedication. Jasna builds relationships with people easily as she senses others interests, needs and desires naturally.

There are moments when she dreams of becoming the kind of person who revels in the simple pleasures of enjoying tea and unwinding in a tranquil bath. Unfortunately, it stresses her out, and she just doesn’t like the taste of tea. Jasna is genuinely fun , you will love spending time with her.

Hey Jasna…

Favorite Drink? Espresso Martini 
Current state of mind? Expectant
Favorite commercial? Penny - Der Wunsch
Dogs or Cats? Neither 
Favorite Place? Underwater
Cravings? Pasta with Wine
Last watched series? NETFLIX - Bodies
Where do you go when you want to be with you? Supermarket with headphones.